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Unresolved Buyer Disputes (by Seller Fault)

This applies to all return requests made directly to the seller under the Direct Return to Merchant process. All sellers are required to respond to buyers within the agreed time-frame as part of all sellers’ commitment to be trustworthy and reliable.
If a seller has been reported and verified to be willfully unresponsive to a buyer’s return and/or does not display any effort to resolve the dispute meaningfully, PERKKART will deem this as an Unresolved Buyer Dispute (by Seller Fault) as this is in breach of our service promise to our buyers. The seller in question may be issued up to 2 non-compliance points.
If a seller is going to be unavailable for a period of time, seller can opt to enable Holiday Mode in the Seller Center.
If you have received a notification that you had violated our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so.

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