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Seller Fulfilment Fraud

What is Fulfilment Fraud?

Fulfilment fraud refers to the situations where sellers deliberately create false shipments to cheat buyers. PERKKART does not tolerate fraudulent seller behaviour and sellers who are found to have participated in fraudulent behaviour will be handled with the non-compliance actions laid out under the Non-Compliance Points
If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so. 

What kind of actions are considered as Fulfilment Fraud?

  1. Tracking Misrepresentation

During the specified delivery period, the seller’s shipping order number is invalid or effective but is not related to the order transaction, misleading the buyer or the PERKKART platform. For example, to avoid the transaction without selling penalties, fill in the invalid freight order number or the freight order number that is obviously unrelated to the order transaction.

  1. Sending of empty parcels and/or unrelated items to the buyer

What is Tracking Misrepresentation?

  1. Tracking Misrepresentation

 Examples of Tracking Misrepresentation are as listed but are not limited to the following:

  1. Invalid shipping tracking reference number
  2. The buyer and seller are maliciously colluded, and in the absence of real order transactions, misleading the PERKKART platform through misappropriation of false shipments
  3. Valid shipping tracking reference number but given tracking number has no obvious relationship with the order transaction
  4. The seller induces the buyer to confirm the receipt in advance when the goods are not received.

What is sending of empty parcels/unrelated items to buyers?

  1. Sending of empty parcels to buyers/Sending unrelated items – sending product other than what is ordered by the buyer

   An example of sending unrelated items to buyers (but are not limited to the following):
   Buyer orders an iPhone 8 from seller. Upon delivery, the buyer received an empty box.

What are the consequences for sellers who are found to have committed Fulfilment Fraud?

PERKKART may issue non-compliance points and/or directly deactivate the account depending on severity of the seller’s non-complying actions. You may refer to the Non-Compliance Points Chart below for more information:

Fulfilment Fraud – Seller Non-Compliance Points ChartPossible Consequences
(1) Tracking MisrepresentationUp to 2 points, per incident
(2) Sending of Empty Parcels/Unrelated Items to buyers willfullyUp to 48 points, per incident

If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so.

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