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Seller Cancellation Policy

Definition of Seller Cancellation

Cancellations can be initiated by buyer, sellers and PERKKART. This policy governs the cancellation process initiated by sellers. Cancellations lead to unhappy customer experience. Hence, all sellers are measured on the metric – Seller Fault Cancellation Rate.

Why is Cancellation important to our Sellers?

Cancellation Rate (CR) is an important metric for sellers as their performance is one of the key differentiators in the Platform from buyer standpoint. These are the cancellation scenarios that will be counted towards Seller Fault Cancellation (excluding customer cancellations):

  • Cancellations initiated by Seller
  • Cancellations initiated by PERKKART – PERKKART will cancel an order when a seller does not fulfill order within the agreed Ship on Time
Standard SLAs for Ship On Time
PERKMALL SellersTarget ≥ 95%Within 24 hours
Local Marketplace SellersTarget ≥ 95%Within 2 working days

*These SLAs are applied to general sellers unless your request for extension of SLAs is approved by PERKKART.

What are the consequences of high Cancellation Rate (CR)?

Sellers identified with high Cancellation Rate (CR) may be subjected to following consequences:

1.Order Volume Limit (OVL)

Order Volume Limit (OVL) Seller is where the number of orders a seller can receive within the day. With seller cancellation rate above 10%*. Seller OVL may be limited by half of their average daily sales.

2.Ineligible to participate in Campaigns

Sellers with high Cancellation Rate may not be eligible to take part in campaigns. Please refer to the Campaign Policy for more details.

3.Ineligible to sign up as a PERKMALL Seller

Sellers with cancellation rate > 2%* will not be able to sign up for PERKMALL.

*Cancellation Rate (CR) thresholds will be revised periodically. Please always refer to PERKKART Seller Policies for the latest CR thresholds.

4.Product Listing may be set to offline mode

We monitor the Cancellation Rate closely and actions may be taken on accounts with high and/or increasing Cancellation Rates. Product listings with high Cancellation Rates may be set to offline mode.

Sellers will need to update the stock level for the product listing accurately before reactivating the product listing again.

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