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Seller Anti-Competitive Behaviour

PERKKART has always been committed to maintaining a fair and equitable ecommerce environment so that any seller and buyer, who chooses to transacts on PERKKART, will not be disadvantaged. We will diligently and continuously monitor so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of other users or platforms.
Anti-competitive behaviour or practices are business practices that prevent and/or reduce competition on PERKKART.
Examples of anti-competitive behaviour includes, but is not limited to the following scenarios:

Competitor harm: The seller maliciously orders, maliciously evaluates, or maliciously complains to other sellers by itself or by using other member accounts, affecting the reputation and normal operation of other sellers.

Malicious order: refers to the seller’s use of member accounts to place orders for other sellers, which affects the normal operation of other sellers, such as not paying for stocks.
Malicious evaluation: refers to the seller using member account to place orders for other sellers, maliciously giving bad reviews or evaluating the content does not match the facts.
Malicious Complaint: The seller complains to other sellers by himself or by using other member accounts. The complaint content lacks relevant basis, or the purpose of the complaint is improper. There is deliberate damage to the goodwill of the peer seller, the fraudulent operation of the seller or the deliberate attack on the legitimate operation of the peer seller happening.
Sellers who are found to have engaged in anti-competitive practices are deemed to be non-compliant with the Fair Trading Policy and may be issued up to 16 non-compliance points, per incident.
If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so.

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