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Product Miscategorization

What is Product Miscategorization?

Product Miscategorization refers to product listings that are placed in inappropriate categories (e.g., putting “red formal dress” under “Electronics”) making it difficult for buyers to find the right products online.

Products deemed to be miscategorized will naturally see their search ranking fall as more relevant products are promoted by our system.

Where does Product Miscategorization usually occur?

Product Miscategorization may happen at different levels of the product category tree. It is important that you choose the correct category level for the products at all levels.

What happens when a product has been identified to be Miscategorized?

PERKKART reserves the right to deactivate the miscategorized product. Seller will be notified to correct your product with the correct category before activating the product again.

How do I correct the category of the product?

You can further study about product listing guideline at PERKKART knowledge-based section.

We also have tools that helps you categorize correctly. During the product creation stage, category suggestions are provided based on keywords in your product name. You may wish to refer to those suggested categories.

Disclaimer: Accuracy of category suggestion is solely dependent on the product name keyed by seller.

Possible Consequences of Willful Product Miscategorization

To ensure customers are receiving the most accurate product information while they are making their purchasing decision, we take Willful Product Miscategorization very seriously.

Examples of Willful Product Miscategorization are as listed (not limited to the following):

1.Seller observed to miscategorize the same product despite repeated notifications

2.Seller observed to miscategorize the products to circumvent any policy restrictions

If a seller has been identified to have willfully miscategorized a product, the corresponding product will be locked and the seller will receive 1 non-compliance point.

ScenarioPossible Consequences
Miscategorization of productsDeactivate Product
Willful MiscategorizationProduct Locked + 1 point

– summary of Miscategorization scenarios

If you have received a notification that your product is locked due to Willful Miscategorization and you would like to file an appeal request, you may do so.

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