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Price Guarantee Policy

Definition of Price Guarantee

Sellers are not allowed to offer misleading discounts during the Campaign Period that they participate in. Misleading discount refers to situations where sellers intentionally increase the original selling price of a product just before the campaign or promotion to exaggerate the value of discount.

Sellers who submit deals to Treasure Bowl will take part in the Lowest Price Commitment. The Lowest Price Commitment requires that all deals submitted by Sellers must be at their lowest onsite price within the last 90 calendar days.

What happens when a seller is found to have breached this policy?

Any seller found to be in breach of this Price Guarantee Policy may have the infringing product listing removed from the campaign pool of products, or deactivated and/or be issued up to 2 non-compliance points at PERKKART’s discretion.

For more information on non-compliance points, please refer to Non-Compliance Points Policy

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