1. We should not make offers to our buyers to buy outside of PERKKART. Sellers are not allowed to redirect buyers to purchase from other websites out of PERKKART.
  2. Sellers are not allowed to send spam messages to PERKKART buyers via any communication space within or out of PERKKART platform. Please do not send multiple messages within a short time or this may cause frustration for the buyer.
  3. Please refrain from using threatening language, profanities or hate speech in your communications with the buyer.
  4. Please do not exchange personal contact numbers, email addresses or web addresses with the buyer. All conversations, especially pertaining to transactions made through PERKKART website, should be made through the PERKKART platform (examples: IM, FAQ). PERKKART will not be responsible for any error or fraud that occurs during a transaction that was executed outside of PERKKART official platform.


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