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Package Dimension and Weight Policy

Policy Objective

To ensure consumer and seller experience on the platform, inputting correct weight and package dimension are key.

Wrong input of dimension or weight could result in unnecessarily additional costs or delay in fulfilment. Packaging your shipment correctly is also crucial to make sure your product reaches us (or our 3PL partners) and your customers with minimal interruption.

If the dimension or weight of the package in the Seller Center is greater than actual, then product loses competitiveness and could result in poor customer experience and customer complaints.

Moreover, if the dimension or weight of the package in the Seller Center is lower than actual, then the shipping fee charged to consumer would be less than the charged from logistic resulting in seller losing the money on the shipment charges.

Possible consequences of inputting wrong dimension/weight

Under this policy, we enforce that the dimension and/or weight of the package declared in Seller Center must match the actual weight of the package. Subject to the sole discretion of PERKKART, below are the possible consequences of inputting wrong dimension or weight that can be implemented without having to inform sellers in advance:

(1) We reserve the right to deactivate corresponding product(s) for packages that are identified to be not in adherence with this policy. The deactivated product listing will be reflected in store manager product status. You are required to edit the content of the weight and/or dimensions of the package (of the corresponding product(s)) in Seller Center to reactivate the product listing.

(2) Sellers who have been identified to have repeatedly declared incorrect dimensions and/or weight of the package(s), resulting in overcharging, will be issued up to 1 non-compliance point. The corresponding product(s) will also be locked.

(3) We reserve the right to keep shipping fee difference between amount charged to customer (based on seller information) and amount charged to seller based on logistic charged.

If you receive a notification about your policy violation and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so.

Monitoring of Accuracy of Shipping Charges

At PERKKART, we monitor the accuracy of shipping charges declared by sellers closely. All products that are wrongly declared in Seller Center will be deactivated in highlighted in store manager product status – it will provide you with detail of products that are either over-charged or under-charged.

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