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Overview of Seller Account Policy

Overview of Seller Account Policy

These policies are crucial and important in initial stages of a new seller’s journey. PERKKART have designed these policies after putting data and experiences together because we want to help every seller be successful in their online business.

Any breach of PERKKART’s Seller Account Policy may result in the issuance of up to 48 non-compliance points and deactivation of your store.
Please refer to Non-Compliance Points Chart 

Seller Account Policy – Non-Compliance Points ChartPossible Consequences
(1) New Seller AssortmentN/A
(2) Store Naming PolicyStore Name will be changed to default
(3) Seller Account RulesUp to 48 points

If you receive a warning for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request.

New Seller Assortment

Definition of Policy

All new sellers will be limited to selling only 500 active items on PERKKART. This restriction is not permanent. Sellers will not have this restriction once the seller achieves his/her first 30 orders within 90 days.

Why do we have this restriction for new sellers?

Based on our data, we observed that most sellers start with off with better sales when they begin with a smaller number of items. With a smaller number of assortments, sellers will be able to provide better online shopping experience to their buyers (through better product descriptions, photos and even quality of the product).

Store Naming Policy

Definition of Policy

Store names are vital as it is the seller’s identity on the PERKKART platform. The store name should reflect your business’ real-world name, as used consistently on your physical storefront, website, stationery, and as known to customers. By accurately representing your business name, it helps PERKKART buyers to find your business online.

While deciding your store’s name, please make sure that you adhere to PERKKART’s Store-Naming Guidelines:

PERKKART’s Store-Naming Guidelines:

  1. Format – The store name should be a string of text or alphanumeric without any special characters and in English or the respective country’s local languages.
  2. Contents should NOT have the following specifications as a part or the complete store name

2.1 PERKMALL store names

2.2 Registered Brand Names

2.3 Derogatory, offensive or sensitive words

2.4 Sexually suggestive or explicit content (including profanity, offensive slang terms, terms that are common signals for pedophilia, bestiality, or sexual violence)

2.5 References to violent or terrorist activities

2.6 Only Copyrighted & Trademark words/phrases

2.7 Existing and any other major platform words (such as PERKKART, PERKMALL, PerkExpress, PerkEx, PerkGlobal, Nexiones, Rovenow etc.)

2.8 Only Category Name

2.9 Only numbers

2.10 Only country name; If you want to include country name then you can do so but in brackets and should appear at the end of the name

2.11 If not a flagship, official, exclusive distributor store then do not include that in the store name. If you want to then please note that you would be expected to produce a proof.

2.12 Only one generic word (examples: Stores, Whatsapp)

2.13 Duplicates – Names which are exactly similar to existing stores to avoid duplication and confusion

2.14 Comparison Naming (Usage of words such as ‘vs’, ‘better’)

2.15 Specific products are banned from being sold in countries, hence sellers should avoid using these while naming their store

2.16 Phone numbers, links, .com

3.Suggestion on Store Name Length

The store should be such that it can be easily searchable and hence, we suggest that you restrict the store name to 6 words or 50 characters.

Possible Consequences for Non-Compliant Stores

All sellers are required to adhere to the Store-Naming Guidelines which are in place to ensure Store Names do not infringe intellectual property, explicit content or any other restricted or prohibited content. Sellers, whose store names have been identified to be non-compliant with our Store Naming Policy, will risk their store names being reset to default settings. PERKKART retains the right to reset Store Names to default settings, or to take any other action it deems necessary, at its sole and absolute discretion.

Seller Account Rules

The following rules pertaining to seller accounts are set in place to ensure order is observed on the platform:

  1. Sellers who have been terminated from the PERKKART is not allowed to open a new account and trade on PERKKART.
  2. Sellers are not allowed to create multiple stores with similar assortment range.
  3. A seller should not willfully imitate another seller’s store decoration, products or content, to cause confusion or difficulties for buyers to identify the seller.
  4. A seller should not own or hold of selling accounts more than the amount limited by PERKKART. Refer to Appendix A.Sellers are strongly advised to conduct themselves in a fair and professional manner on the PERKKART. We do not tolerate cheating or fraudulent behavior by sellers. Any seller who is found to have participated in any form of cheating or fraudulent behavior, PERKKART will not hesitate to take further actions in order to maintain a trusted, reliable and healthy e-commerce community.Sellers who fail to comply with the Seller Account Rules will be issued up to 48 non-compliance points. This will result in an immediate deactivation of the seller’s account.If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request.

Appendix A: Selling account policy 

Newly registered seller required to follow the selling account control policy. This policy targeted to support seller to focus on selling accounts and improve serviceability to buyer. Figure below listing the number of account allowance per seller.  

Account Registered Type Allowance Action if violates 
Corporate seller (VAT registered) · Unlimited number of selling accounts · Refer to assortment duplication related policies  
Non- Corporate seller  · Total 10 accounts per
seller irrespective of listing categories 
· Account over 10th >Exceeding account will be terminated · Refer to assortment duplication related policies 

Upon account sign up seller are required to submit documents for verification such as, Copy of ID card, Bank account number, VAT registration document. Verification of document will be process. PERKKART reserve the rights to control the number of selling account to be incorporate with PERKKART policy.  


Q: How do we identify if a seller holds more than 10 accounts? 

A: PERKKART shall use any information indicating the association of accounts to the individual – this includes, but is not limited to – email, phone number, bank account number, ID card etc., 

Q: Can I register my accounts as Corporate seller? 

A: Yes, you can register your account as corporate seller. Please contact out Customer care for further support.   

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