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Overview of Non-Compliance Points

What are Non-Compliance Points?

This is a point-based system where we measure sellers’ compliance to PERKKART’s policies. With this system in place, we strive to eliminate behavioural misconduct and make PERKKART a fair and regulated platform for everyone.

What do Non-Compliance Points do?

Sellers are monitored for compliance to PERKKART’s seller policies. Issuing non-compliance points and/or account-related actions will be taken if sellers are verified to have taken part in activities that do not comply to our policies.

What is a non-compliant action?

A Seller who breaches any existing PERKKART policy conducts a non-compliant action. Depending on the type of policy breach, non-compliance points and/or account-related actions will be applied to the seller. More information on the Non-Compliance Points can be found here

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