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Inactive Seller Policy

What defines an Inactive Seller?

Inactive sellers are defined as sellers who did not manage their accounts actively for last 60 days.

Definition of Policy

At PERKKART, we work towards the common goal to be able to provide our customers with a healthy range of assortment from active selling sellers.

When buyer purchases from an inactive seller, the order goes unnoticed and ends up being cancelled leading to poor customer service and potential loss of sales.

What are sellers expected of?

Sellers are expected to be actively selling on PERKKART in order to ensure a good experience for all buyers. We understand that sellers do go on vacations and if there is nobody to manage the orders while you are on vacation,

you are strongly encouraged to set your store to holiday mode. Please refer knowledge-base document How to set store vacation mode for more information about seller holiday mode. 

This helps you too! You will avoid creating unhappy experiences or ratings for your store; where buyers purchase from you while you are away on vacation and end up having their order cancelled because you are not around.

What will happen when a seller appears to be inactive?

When a seller is clearly inactive after 60 days, the status of the store will be automatically changed to ‘holiday mode’.

When a store is on ‘holiday mode’, your products are not visible on the platform.

An email will be sent to sellers to notify them that PERKKART have automatically changed the status of the store to ‘holiday mode’.

What can sellers do

When a seller is ready for taking orders and manage deliveries, sellers can log in to their Seller Center account and re-activate their stores. This is to reduce cancellation which will potentially lead to negative seller ratings.

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