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Fraudulent Dealing

Fraudulent dealing is a seller’s violation of PERKKART rules and policies, by participating in fraudulent activities that allegedly infringes on the property rights or other legitimate rights and interests of others.
Listed below are is a non-exhaustive list of examples of fraud:

The seller obtains payment by publishing or providing goods, services or logistics information that are false or inconsistent with the description of the product listing

  1. Defrauding other people’s property by implementing fraudulent acts through third-party accounts
  2. Sending a phishing link or Trojan virus information in order to defraud other people’s property
  3. Fraudulently using the name of PERKKART and its affiliates or the PERKKART customer service

Sellers who are found to have participated in fraudulent activities may be issued up to 48 Non-Compliance points. This will result in an immediate termination of the seller’s account with PERKKART.
If you receive a notification for violating our policy and you would like to file appeal request, you may do so.

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