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Consequences of Sellers’ Non-Compliance Actions

What actions will a seller account face?

When you have been issued 12 non-compliance points and above, your seller account will face certain restrictions:

MilestoneSystem Action
12 pointsRestricted from listing new products for 7 calendar days
24 pointsRestricted from listing new products and limited traffic for 14 calendar days
36 pointsRestricted from listing new products and all products deactivated for 21 calendar days
48 pointsSeller account will be deactivated

A seller will only receive up to 16 non-compliance points within 7 calendar days. Except for Sellers who are issued with 48 Non-Compliance points.

A seller’s account will be deactivated once he accumulates 48 non-compliance points or more. Depending on the severity of a non-compliant action, PERKKART may decide to deactivate seller accounts immediately even if the seller has not accumulated the maximum number of non-compliance points.
More information on the Non-Compliance Points can be found below

How often are the points levied?

PERKKART tracks non-compliant actions daily. All non-compliance points will also be updated in a seller’s account daily.

Does PERKKART reset the points?

PERKKART will reset a seller’s non-compliance points every 365 days, beginning from the date the non-compliance point was issued. A seller account termination, due to an issuance of 48 or more non-compliance points, is final. A terminated seller account will not be reactivated after 365 days.

How will the seller be notified of his/her non-compliance?

An email will be sent to the seller to notify of their non-compliance action and consequences.
If you have received a notification that you had violated our policy and you would like to file appeal request.

Overview of Non-Compliance Points Chart

– Click on the topic to get more information on the respective policy and the seller account-related consequences.

Seller Non-Compliance Points ChartPossible Consequences
(1) Intellectual Property Rights PolicyProduct Locked + up to 48 points
(2) Prohibited and Controlled Products PolicyProduct Locked + up to 48 points
(3) Content and Catalog PolicyProduct Locked + up to 2 points
(4) Fraudulent Dealing PolicyUp to 48 points
(5) Seller BehaviourUp to 48 points

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